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Brian G. Angevine

Frank thought she was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. But he had had beautiful women before. With his high-income bracket, jet-set lifestyle, and good looks, he had no trouble attracting women. They came and went with such regularity that he rarely had time to get attached to them. Besides, they all knew it was just a game; to accumulate expensive toys, and to be seen with all the right people. The women in his life were there as pretty decorations and to provide pleasure.

Sarah smiled at him again. Frank was used to the come-on and ignored it. He didn’t need her right now, and besides, he was busy trying to hustle a little business deal with Mr. Carbonne. The party was a Signor Carbonne’s summer residence on the Italian Riviera, and was in honor of his birthday—number 58 or so—no one would say.

Sarah was not put off by Frank ignoring her. She also knew that she could have any man in the room if he were not too closely held by his woman of the moment. She had been around the circuit and knew how to get what she wanted. This time she was pretty sure she wanted Frank. Sarah liked his style and the way he moved. The trappings of wealth were obvious. What was less obvious was the tender streak she saw in him, the slight vulnerability that she was sure she could exploit.

Frank Carlucci was old money. He had inherited the family olive oil factory along with the vineyards that grew the famous Rivard wine grapes. Those were old-line successful enterprises, solid in the world marketplace. Guido Carlucci, Frank’s father, had added the worldwide distributing company for the two products, enhancing the stay-at-home capital gains. Frank had brought in investing and marketing schemes in established and emerging countries that iced the substantial cake his fortune was built on. Frank Carlucci was new money too and would be rich all of his life.

Sarah Smyles was the daughter of an English country gentleman who had married an heiress from New England. Sarah’s mother was a beautiful gentlewoman who remained attractive in spite of her advancing age. Sarah had the genetics and the upbringing to be beautiful and gracious all of her life. But she had something a little extra too. She had plans for Frank Carlucci--a deal he couldn’t refuse.

“Don Carbonne, I want to wish you an especially happy and fruitful birthday,” Frank almost shouted over the noise in the room. A not-too-good but exuberant combo of accordion, violin, acoustic guitar, and a plump, sexy young woman in a revealing peasant dress clanged tiny finger cymbals rendering traditional songs loudly.

“Could we step into the next room? I would like to present you with a special gift that might make your existence even more fruitful?” Frank gently steered Carbonne in the direction he wanted him to go.

“I appreciate your concern about my birthday happiness, Signor Carlucci. But please don’t keep me from my guest too long. They too want to honor me, and I certainly don’t want to disappoint them.”

“This will take only a moment. Then we can all rejoice in your longevity, health and virility.”

Sarah saw the two men disappear through an arched doorway into a semi-darkened room. She decided to follow. The room was so gloomy neither of the men saw her enter. While not exactly hiding she stood quietly off to the side while they talked business. She was not interested in the transaction; she just wanted to get Frank alone.

When they were finished Don Carbonne started for the door. Seeing Sarah he hesitated.

“Don Carbonne, happy birthday!” she intoned, kissing him lightly on both cheeks. “May you have many more and may they all be as happy.”

Carbonne fairly glowed as he soaked in her beauty. His eyes slid down and back up her glorious figure revealed by the filmy dress she wore. But he saw that her eyes shifted toward Frank and left the room with a self-deprecating shrug. The Don was a master at reading the intentions of those around him and Sarah’s intentions were obviously not directed toward him.

Sarah approached Frank with her head held high emphasizing her languid, fluid walk. Frank was mesmerized by her approach. Her thin, yellow dress seemed to float around her body like a cloud. The lighting from the brightly lit room behind her showed every curve of her voluptuous body.

“Good afternoon. My name is Sarah Smyles.” Her voice was strong, yet soft.

Frank was surprised that she spoke first. He was accustomed to being the aggressor, although plenty of fortune hunters had asserted their desires in the past. Somehow, Sarah was different, and he found his voice not responding well when he replied.

“Hi. I’m Frank Carlucci.” The sound was raspy and uncontrolled. Already he could feel the swelling down below.

“I have been eager to meet you. But you seemed so busy with the others. I hope you don’t mind my little intrusion into this sanctuary?”

“Oh, not at all. I noticed you too, but you are right, I was too busy to take care of the more pleasurable aspects of life. I’m quite glad you took the opportunity to get me away from the madness out there.”

Sarah took two small steps forward and kissed Frank gently on the neck. She saw the goose bumps pop out on his skin and smiled. She allowed her breasts to gently caress his chest before she stepped back.

Frank could feel beads of perspiration on his forehead. Suddenly his collar felt tight and his breathing was ragged.

“Perhaps we should have a drink?” he rasped. He was not sure why he felt so off balance with this woman. She was no more beautiful than many other girls he had been intimate with—maybe it was her perfume—or just natural pheromones that had him off balance.

“I took the liberty of bringing a bottle of your own product with me. I trust you do drink your own wine, don’t you?”

Frank looked down at the bottle extended in her lovely hands. For the first time he noticed that she had two stemmed glasses in the other hand. Previously his attention had been riveted on her body, then her eyes as she held his gaze.

Sarah stepped past him and made her way toward a leather loveseat on the other side of the room.

“Won’t you join me?” she said, casting a delectable look back over her shoulder.

Frank felt that he had little control over his actions as he almost stumbled after her. The scent she trailed behind her was not overpowering, but very noticeable, and incredibly enticing.

“What is that perfume you are wearing?”

“Oh, that is something I have made up special for me by an old Laotian gentleman at home. It is an ancient formula he brought from his homeland when he was forced to leave. Do you like it?”

“It is very unusual, but heavenly!”

“That’s not all he makes for me, but that is another story.”

They settled onto the loveseat while Sarah poured two glasses of the limpid wine. She breathed the bouquet and took a sip.

“Ah, this is wonderful. How did you ever discover such a wine?”

Frank was flattered, yet humble. “Actually it was first vented by my grandfather. It took him years to perfect the grape and the subtleties of the wine. I’m glad you like it.”

Sarah let her hand fall lightly on his leg, not too high up, just a touch near the knee. She could feel his muscles tense at the touch and enjoyed the control she had over his emotions.

Frank was a little surprised at his own reaction. While Sarah was beautiful there was nothing in particular that separated her from all the other gorgeous creatures he was around every day. He assumed that after the consummation of their sexual tryst, which seemed imminent, they would follow the pattern of all the other short relationships he had experienced. He had never had any desire to encumber himself with any long-term relationship. Usually, as soon as the first or second disagreement came up, the girl was gone. No one really cared—they all knew how to play the game. The bottom line was to keep the fun and the money rolling.

Sarah’s hand motions became too insistent to ignore any longer. Frank wanted her and he wanted her NOW! He was not at all sure what they had been talking about his mind was so focused on the objective. He arose and pulled Sarah up after him. Making his way up the stairs he found a secluded bedroom and locked the door behind them. There was no resistance; they both knew what would happen.

Pulling her supple body tightly against his Frank smothered her mouth with a probing kiss. He was sweating profusely now and his fingers were busy with the small buttons down the back of her dress. Sarah helped by loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Suddenly, exasperated by his fumbling fingers, Frank ripped the dress from her unresisting body. She responded by tearing the last two buttons from his shirt and jerking it from his shoulders. Frantically now they both tore at the other’s clothing and collapsed on the bed.

When it was over they were both exhausted. Frank raised his head slightly and chuckled.

“What is so funny?” Sarah demanded with contrived petulance.

“Look at this room! Don Carbonne will be shocked!”

“I seriously doubt that. He seems to be a realistic man. I’m quite sure he knows where we are right now and what we are doing.”

“God, that was great! You are absolutely incredible!”

“You, Signor, are a stallion. I have never been ravished in so satisfactory a manner,” she smiled impishly.

Sarah reached over the side of the bed looking for her small purse. Frank admired the curve of her hip and ran his hand along the profile of her side as she stretched.

“What are you looking for?” he inquired.

“Just a moment—I’m trying to find my purse.”

They chuckled again at the mass of bedclothes and their own clothing strewn about the room. Sarah finally found her purse and took out a small, jeweled pillbox.

“What is that?” Frank asked. “Some kind of after-the-act birth control?” Frank had a little edge to his voice. In his traditional family it was a sin to control the natural processes of birth. But on the other hand he didn’t want to be responsible for a bunch of little ones running around the countryside every time he exercised his manhood with some girl.

“No. It is something my Laotian friend gave me. He said to save it for a special occasion. And this is about as special as they get.”

She took the tiny pill out of the case and put it in her mouth. Her instructions were to not swallow it, but to give it to her special lover when she found him. The delivery technique was unique and should be unobtrusive.

“Some kind of happy-making oriental drug, huh? Don’t I get any treat?”

“Oh, you were dissatisfied with what you already got?” she teased.

“Not at all, not at all! I just thought you might share the other good stuff too.”

Sarah slid her body slowly along Frank’s side. The sensation was incredible and exciting for both of them. She spread little kisses along the top of his shoulder and progressed up his neck. Reaching his ear she kissed all around the lobe, then traced the spiral with the tip of her tongue. She placed the tiny pill on the tip of her tongue. She placed the tiny pill on the tip of her tongue and pushed it deeply into the ear canal.

Frank shivered with the excitement of her probing tongue. Then, suddenly, he felt a sharp pain deep within his ear. He jerked back and stared at Sarah.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Sarah asked innocently. Her eyes were soft and tender and she blew gently into his ear.

Somehow her breath allayed the pain. It was just a quick, sharp jab anyway and he soon forgot about it.

Over the next few weeks Frank found himself wanting to spend more and more time with Sarah. He found himself altering his schedules to arrange trips to England to visit her. He often sent his Lear jet to pick her up to meet him in some exotic locale. He was confused. Instead of becoming accustomed to her sexual preferences that usually led to boredom with other girls he was still fascinated by her.

The real test came after their first argument. She wanted to go to Argentina to ski and he needed to close a business deal. There was no way around it. Finally, he relented and sent her to Las Lenas while he met with the businessman. Normally he would have ended the relationship at that point. Indeed, during her absence, he tried to satisfy his lust with three aspiring young actresses. But somehow he didn’t feel right about it. As the foreplay with the three nubile girls built up his head began to pound and ache. As he approached sex the headache escalated to the point that he was unable to continue. The girls looked disappointed as he withdrew, but they were well compensated for their visit and went away happy.

All the time that Sarah was gone his head did not feel right. The only thing he could keep on his mind for any length of time was thoughts of her. As the day for her return approached, he found his former good mood returning. Waiting at the airport proved positively euphoric as he watched her plane taxi to a halt.

Sarah emerged from the plane, well tanned and feeling marvelous. The skiing had been wonderful and she had made a number of new friends. She had missed Frank but had not sat and pined away. Curious to find out whether he had missed her, she searched the crowd for his face. If Kao, her old Laotian friend, were right about the special pill, Frank would be there eager to take her back. If not she would soon know. This was the real test of the product.

Frank saw her and forced his way through the crowd. Running toward her, just like in the old movies, he gathered her up in his arms and held her off the floor in a long embrace.

“Darling, you’re back! I have missed you so much! Let George get your luggage, we need to talk.”

Sarah smiled smugly. This Italian stallion was hers. In spite of his storied conquests and reluctance to form long-term relationships, he was totally obsessed by Sarah.

Frank wasn’t sure how it happened but he knew he had to be with Sarah as much as possible. After a while he was not at all attracted to other women. It seemed that every time he was he suffered from intense headaches. But when he was with Sarah he was positively euphoric. He didn’t think about it too much anymore, but when he did, he just shrugged and accepted what seemed to be fate.

Sarah smiled as she sat at the writing table with her exquisite new stationery in front of her. She composed a short but simple note to her Laotian friend, Kao, thanking him for his little bug-a-boo.

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